Height : 6′ 3 1/2″

Favorite thing about my height: I can ALWAYS see in a crowd.

Where I’d live besides Minnesota: New York City— I’m obsessed.  I would love to have an apartment somewhere downtown in the village, and I would walk around the city aimlessly eating, drinking and loving life.

Laundry list of life’s must haves: Red wine, Asian food, summer days at Okoboji, skinny jeans, FRIENDS on DVD, donuts + coffee, flip-flops, a good tote bag, anything my husband grills, my iPhone camera (because I’m that mom), ESPN College Gameday during football season, and above all my sweet little family.

Little known fact about me: I had to wear massive bifocals at age 3.  Today I wear nothing!

Favorite quality about my sister Alli: At work she is the details person.  She is extremely thorough and well researched & thank goodness for that!  Also, she’s so organized she makes The Container Store look like a hot mess.  But business aside, she is a blend of kindhearted compassion mixed with sass and a hilarious sense of humor.  She’s the best Happy Hour partner and also concert companion (we’ve danced for hours with Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake!).  Be ready for anything when she’s around!

Why I’m passionate about Amalli Talli: I vividly remember crying in middle school when I couldn’t find a pair of women’s khaki colored pants that were required for a school event—the only thing long enough were men’s pants.  I want to make shopping fun and effortless for tall women,  so that all the fun trends you see are actually attainable for our niche too!

ALLI BLACK – Q&A        

Height: 5’10”

Favorite thing about my height: It’s such a great conversation starter – especially when you’re in heels! 😉

Where I’d live besides Minnesota: I would most definitely spend my summers where I grew up on Lake Okoboji, Iowa. That is my favorite place on earth! In the winter, I can easily envision myself shacking up somewhere on the beaches of Hawaii or Florida. No matter where I am, I am most happy near a body of water with lots of sunshine!

Laundry list of life’s must haves: Chardonnay,  a GPS (I am beyond directionally challenged), all the good smelling candles, comfy house slippers, chips & salsa (the base of my personal food pyramid), music from all generations and all genres, an oversized coffee mug, dry shampoo & my road bike!

Little known fact about me: HUUUGE fan of 90’s/early Y2k Boy Bands. I’m still completely obsessed with *NSYNC and specifically, Lance Bass.

Favorite quality about my sister Amy: Personally, she is one of the most selfless people ever! She is always putting others first & would go to the end of the world for you if you needed her to. Professionally, she is super creative. I love her ability to see and plan for the future. She’s capable of working on 10,978 thing at one time, while also being an amazing mom to my sweet niece, Perry!

Why I’m passionate about Amalli Talli: Nothing gives a female more confidence than owning an article of clothing that feels like it was made specifically for them & their body. Unfortunately for tall women, that feeling is harder to come by. Hours of shopping can result in nothing more than a depleted self esteem & a desire to drink heavily. I’m so beyond excited to turn this kind of an experience into one that is fun & joyful! Nothing is more rewarding than giving people the opportunity to feel good about themselves.