2 Things That You Can Expect To See From Us in 2018

​If you follow along with us on social media, then you likely are aware that we just finished a super quick trip to NYC to hammer out some details for spring and summer styles.  We love what we walked away with, and can’t wait to show you all!  It’s a good mix of everything and should touch on many of the requests we have gotten in the past from customers, so thank you for your continued feedback and involvement!


This is also a good time to share some input on our company visions and focuses for the year.  As you may know, we closed-up our mall store in 2017 to focus on this private label of ours full-time, and have truly poured our entire beings into it. However, we still get many messages and phone calls almost a year later inquiring about the store, and/or if we have plans to reopen again soon. While we are forever grateful for that time and for our wonderful customers who shopped there with us, the truth is that’s not something in the works at this time.

That being said, we have two missions, focuses, goals, call them whatever you would like….but here’s what you can expect to see from us going forward.  ​

1. We Will No Longer Carry Other Brands

​We will be (ahem: mostly) carrying our own line only going forward and no longer buying styles from other vendors! Through this focus, we can continue to add more styles and fully develop our line each season. AND WE ARE PUMPED to be in a place where we can make this move as a small business!  It is a huge testament to our great customers, and we are enormously appreciative for your business and support.  For two girls with zero design or apparel production backgrounds, we almost can’t believe it, to be real.  However, we have a really experienced and proven designer who more than makes up for our inexperience – shes’s wicked talented.  And to clarify, I say “mostly” our own line because there are exceptions to every rule and denim is one of them.  Yet, we are also totally invested in trying to launch our own denim line, so stay tuned for that hopefully sometime this year.

What this also means is that there will be a HUGE SALE!!  We need to empty our warehouse of all our other styles outside of our line, so you will see some huge discounts and markdowns that normally we wouldn’t be able to do.  We are also planning some Facebook Auctions for styles and letting everyone bid on items they want for low, low, low prices! This will be a great time to get stuff for CHEAP – even below the wholesale costs!! Email us at info@amallitalli.com if you want to be notified for upcoming auctions.   This is a work in progress, but hoping to launch it very soon.

2.  We Are Dedicating Ourselves To Empowering Tall Women

​While this has always been a huge part of why we launched this business, we have had several talks about it recently and both feel like there is a lot more that we can do in this area.  Around the holidays, we had a post asking what you would like to hear from us, and we were really touched by the amount of requests we received to do even more content regarding confidence and empowerment for tall girls. Mission accepted!!! It’s near and dear to our hearts, and something we truly are passionate about.  During our days in the mall store, we were able to connect with people personally, and when the decision was made to move the business online only we knew it was an element that we would truly miss.

We have already started to post more content around empowering tall girls, and you’ll only see more from us going forward.  We have an amazing community among us, and we have some very lofty goals to change the dynamic of what is said to tall girls. We think the dumb and thoughtless comments that are often said (i.e. our business contact asking me if I’m 7 feet tall in NYC?!)  are the core of what rattles their confidence.  If they didn’t experience perceived judgment from the outside world, it may not fix the problem entirely but it would a giant step forward.  Can you imagine a world where no one makes stupid comments to tall girls anymore?!  A movement like that is bigger than just us and will take assistance from everyone in our community, but we think it’s possible. Together let’s educate the public on how to appropriately talk to our niche of fabulous girls and women.  If you have thoughts or ideas for us to help push this agenda – PLEASE let us know!!  We are counting on everyone to make a difference.

​We cannot say thank you enough for your support and business, and look forward to delivering more to you in 2018.


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