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As I’m sitting down to write this blog post, I’m unfortunately seeing a fresh batch of snow covering everything in sight, like to the tune of 20+ new inches!!!  It started snowing on Friday night and didn’t stop until sometime Sunday night.  This is totally the endless Minnesota winter – also a lot less fun than the endless summer.  But I guess the silver lining is that it matches the climate of the next season we are already starting to work as we put the final touches on our spring/summer line and shift out focus on next fall/winter.  I can’t even tell you what a whirlwind the past 3 months have been, and although we had been producing items for our private label for a few years now, the transition to carry only our own line has already been filled with new learnings and amazing discoveries.  We were saying the other day, just when we think we start to feel like we know how it all works, we learn something that totally changes the game in an exciting way.

Finding manufacturing partners is a real challenge, let me tell you!  It’s definitely not something that you google once and suddenly find your manufacturing soulmate, which I mistakenly assumed would be the case in the beginning of this venture.  TBH, Google has never worked for us once in this area.   And it’s not a one size fits all type of thing.  There isn’t one place that makes ALL of the things that we are trying to produce, so we are still working finding people who can do certain types of apparel that we hope to offer in the future.  We get a lot of messages about wanting more tall girls options in business wear, maternity wear, shoes, swimsuits, etc etc ….. and this challenge is one of the reasons that we haven’t expanded into those areas yet.  BUT, the partnerships that we do now have are a great fit for us today with what we want to accomplish, and we will continue to work on finding the right people for other types of garments as time goes on.

As of right now, we have a mix of manufacturers in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles, and we are making a trip out to LA in a month for some design meetings and fittings.  BRING ON THE SUNSHINE and temperatures above 20 degrees, please and thank you! So, as I referenced in the beginning of this post, we are finally starting to get a little ahead by working on the next season and trying to whittle down our monster wish list.  Sometimes we think we are Nordstrom and want to produce 500 things a season, LOL!  So this is where you come in!  😉  We have some questions that we want to get your thoughts and feedback on, if you would take our 2 minutes quiz below!  It unfortunately isn’t mobile friendly, so you have to be on a desktop for it to work.

Thanks so much for participating and stayed tuned for updates from LA when we head out there in mid-May!

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