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We’ve been getting a lot of question lately about certain elements of our business and since many of them are repeat questions, we wanted to dedicate a blog post to answering them for everyone.  <3  Thank you to everyone who has reached out!!

Q: Do you have any plans to start producing <<insert several options here like:>> maternity options, swimsuits, shoes and activewear? 

A: These are all areas on our to-do list for sure, and we so appreciate the interest! The truth is that as a small business, we just can’t do it all right away. We have been extremely dedicated to finding all the right manufacturing partners for the various parts of our line, because everyone has a specialty in what they produce. There isn’t just one company who can make ALL the different types of items you want. It’s actually extremely difficult to find someone who can make what you want, in the quantities you want, in the quality you want, and in the price you want. We are at a place now where we aren’t willing to compromise and our partners have to satisfy all of our requirements. And actually in the spirit of total transparency, we have been trying to find a denim partner for a year now to launch our own denim line and it’s been a real struggle. We are getting closer and hoping to make some real strides here soon. As a small business, you can only do so much, but as we keep growing and gaining experience, we will start to bring in different types of items for sure. As a new mom myself, I totalllllllllllly understand the maternity struggle!! I actually wrote a blog post about how I managed to keep myself dressed during that time that you can read here.

Question: I miss your store!  Do you have plans to reopen somewhere else soon?

This always tugs at our heartstrings!! We miss it also, but as is the way in retail for most companies right now, a brick and mortar store is hard to keep up with. By the end of 2016, the store was consuming a vast majority of our time and resources, yet it wasn’t the direction our business was taking us.  It became really clear that to be able to provide the type of inventory that our customers were asking for, we had to start producing them ourselves because we just couldn’t source them no matter how hard we tried.  And the only way for us to tackle producing our line effectively was to get out of the store and devote our time, energy and resources to it.  We do truly miss seeing everyone in the store but are confident that we are better serving the entire niche everywhere through this transition.  The other thing was that we found ourselves working a ton of hours in the store 6 or 7 days a week and that was hard with families. You never know what the future may hold, and we are open to it again down the road, but it’s not something in the plans for now. We also are asked about doing pop-up events…..and we have definitely talked about it!! Right now, as a two-woman operation, we are just trying to keep our heads above water and get to everything that needs to be done on a daily basis, haha!  But again, something we may look at further down the road!

Question: What’s it like working with you sister every day?

We get this question a LOT, haha! Actually, we always tell people we could never imagine trying to build a business with anyone else. We made a pact before we started that the relationship was always the most important thing and always has to come before the business. We’ve always had a very close relationship, which is so beneficial when you talk to each other every day!   We are so similar in our vision and style, which I think is critical in being able to work together creatively and make business decisions. Yet we definitely have our own strengths, so we are good about allowing each person to do her thing & own it. That’s not to say we don’t have moments where we don’t see eye to eye on something, but we are really good at laying out the pros and cons of something and finding a decision that feels good to both of us. We never ever force anything on the other – we never make a move with something until both are comfortably on board.

Question: I LOVE both your Amalli Talli and More Than My Height social media profiles!  I’m a small business owner myself (my business is service-oriented), and I find using social media or a blog for my business to be really daunting and hard.  Do you have any advice for how to improve in this area?

Thank you so much, that’s such a kind compliment and we have worked really hard in this area so it means a lot!  First of all, we TOTALLY understand the struggle.  It’s been a journey and learning curve for us, as well.  We are definitely still far from experts here, but the first thing I would tell you is that we have embraced becoming ongoing students of the game.  We have sat through seminars about social media at market, listened to online webinars and are reading about it constantly.  I would highly encourage you to start there and just google it like crazy.  Not everything you read or listen to is going to be super enlightening, BUT you never know what little nugget of advice you’ll pull from here or there.  And those all start to come together over time to help you down your own path.  It takes a little time to start to craft your strategy and find content ideas.  More than anything, you have to be UNIQUE and figure out what your particular audience wants to hear about, so spend the time to brainstorm and have your own voice.  Just start trying things and take note of what works, what doesn’t work and forcing yourself to keep being creative.  The hardest part is just getting the ball rolling, but once you do, it’ll start to come together easier for you.  And be intentional about what you post….. don’t just post something to post it, if that makes sense.

Question: How do you determine the fit of the items in your line?

Trust us, this isn’t something we did alone.  We have a local patternmaker here and she has been doing this for a long time, so we let her do her magic.  Basically it entailed taking both of our unique and specific measurements and then blending them together.  We have also asked a range of people to try things on, in an attempt to accommodate various body shapes as best we can.  And then, when it comes to length if there isn’t a way to accommodate both of our heights in an item, we will always produce two versions of it so that it works for everyone along the height spectrum!


Thanks again for all your questions!!  We always welcome them, so if you are ever curious about anything, always feel free to shoot us a DM, email, etc and we will answer them as soon as we can!


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