9 nuggets of advice for shopping our tall clothing line this fall / winter season

Clothing for Tall Ladies

If your weekend plans include hot cocoa, Hallmark movie marathons and online shopping – you’re not alone! We’ve rounded up our most FAQ’s and answered them with total transparency and the most helpful customer feedback to help you confidently shop our largest fall / winter collection for tall women yet! Whether you’re looking for long inseam jeans, cozy sweaters, or the best jackets this season, here is everything you need to know about the Amalli Talli line, designed by two tall sisters:

1) Jean Sizing

Good news: we’ve created several helpful resources to help you navigate shopping online for jeans! We highly recommend starting with our ‘Online Guide to Denim Shopping for Tall Women‘. This guide contains a ton of great advice to help you understand what rise, inseam and style of jean would work best for you. Once you’re armed with that information, you can determine if you’d truly like the fit of our new Blakely Skinny Jeans!

We also put together this ‘Guide to Understanding our Tall Jean Sizes‘. This will help you translate what waist size corresponds with your true size. We offer conversions for American, U.K., EU and Australian sizes – making it a breeze no matter where you’re shopping from!

With those things in mind, we’d also like to offer some sizing information for our jean line based on customer feedback!

The Blakely Skinny Jean in Smokey Black is running more relaxed because of the super stretch fabrication. A majority of our customers have opted to size down in this style, and if you haven’t yet ordered these yet, we would highly advise you do the same! (PS – this is our most popular selling style!)

The Blakely Skinny Jean in Medium Wash and in Dark Distressed Wash are running more true to size… BUT please keep in mind how you want it to fit is a personal preference you should consider! For example, a woman who is a size 12 would be the equivalent of a size 32 in our line. It’s very likely that she will be able to fit in both a size 31 and 32 – but the size she goes with will depend on how “skinny” she wants the jean to feel. If you prefer a tighter fit, size down from your normal. The jeans might feel tight when you first try them on, but keep in mind they have some stretch and will become slightly more relaxed with wear.

Last but not least, please be sure to check out the product descriptions on each page for other helpful information and size recommendations!

2) Let’s talk about ta-ta’s

One of the most FAQ each time we release a new product is, “How does this piece fit on a large bust?” For that reason, we’d like to take a quick minute to make some product recommendations for you!

In the spirit of total transparency, if you are super busty, you’ll probably want to skip out on the lace camisoles. These are made from a beautiful woven fabric – but unfortunately, the fabric has no stretch. Paired with the fact that this piece is running a little small in the bust, this is not a winning recipe for our chesty gals.

If you are on the hunt for a great layering tank, we highly recommend our swing tank for you! The fit has worked incredibly well on all sizes + busts! If you’d like to see it on someone who is a size 14/38D – just check out our ‘guest try-on’s’ story highlight on our Instagram page. You could also have some luck with our favorite crew tanks – just be sure to size up if you are above a ‘D’ cup as this is another fabrication with no stretch.

Jackets can also be incredibly tough to shop for if you have a larger bust. We are almost sold out of our Knit Moto Jacket, but we still have stock in our Hollis Jean Jacket and Teddy Jacket – so let’s touch on those! These are both tried and tested jackets that work well with the ta-ta’s. Women have been so excited to report that they can comfortably button the jean jacket and zip up the teddy jacket with no issues! Not to be a broken record, but again – we’d highly recommend our ‘guest try-on’s’ story highlight on Instagram so you can see this for yourself.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a cozy sweater! All of our sweaters this season are a home run for any size, shape and bust.

3) Long Torso vs. Short Torso

Everything we design is most definitely long torso approved! But if you’re 80% legs, you’re not alone. Here are some pieces we think you’d prefer, based on body length:

Lace Camisoles

Cable Knit Sweater

Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

Leopard Sweater

Hollis Jean Jacket

Be sure to read our product descriptions for key information such as total body length.

Tall Cable Knit Sweater Amalli Talli
Cable Knit Sweater + Black Moto Leggings

4) Runs Small / Large

Let’s make this easy, eh?! We’re going to break down all of the pieces in our fall/winter collection and tell you how they are running, based on customer feedback! If what you’re looking for isn’t noted here, then you can assume it is a true to size fit.


Lace Camisoles

Favorite Crew Tanks


Blakely Skinny Jean in Smokey Black Wash

Knit Cardigans

Leopard Sweater

Mock Turtleneck Sweater

Striped Sweater

V-Neck Sweater

5) Best Investment Pieces

We were recently asked, “If you had to start with just two pieces from your collection, what would you start with?” We thought this was such a great question, especially for those of you who are torn on what to buy!

Here is our answer:

Piece #1: Hollis Jean Jacket.

A high quality, great fitting jean jacket is without a doubt, one of the BEST pieces you can invest in! You can wear this jacket in every season. It looks just as great over lightweight sweaters as it does a sundress. Not to mention, this classic / vintage wash is not going out of style anytime soon.

Piece #2: Blakely Skinny Jean in Smokey Black.

Black wash jeans are something you will never regret having access to in your closet. Dress them up, dress them down, even wear them to the office – this is one of the most versatile washes of all time. These jeans will literally go with anything and everything – all colors and prints! And in case you’re not quite yet convinced, you’ll be blown away by the feel of our Blakely’s on your body. Made from a fabrication so soft and stretchy, you’ll forget you have jeans on.

6) Founder Favorites

Another great question we recently received in our DM’s: “Of the 3 jean washes, which do you find yourself wearing the most and why?” We’re giving you our honest answers here!

Alli’s answer: Smokey Black. I wrote the answer above ^, if that gives you any insight to my thoughts & opinions! 🙂

Amy’s answer: Dark Distressed. I find that a chic dark wash is extremely versatile as well. This is a wash that goes so well with so many of the tops and sweaters we made this season. And I personally love that the distress adds a little edge to my outfits!

Tall Distressed Skinny Jeans and Cardigan Amalli Talli
Knit Cardigan in Mustard, Chambray Shirt + Blakely Skinny Jeans (Dark Distressed Wash)

7) The Scoop on Sweaters

We often get asked if you need to wear anything under our sweaters. The overwhelming answer is no, not if you don’t want to! Most of our sweaters are opaque and tightly knit, so you don’t have to worry about your under layer. The exception would be our Cable Knit Sweater – we would definitely recommend layering something underneath because the knit isn’t as tight. If you’re in need of some good basic layering tanks, you’ll love love love our scoop tanks!

8) This versus that

In case you were wondering, our basic long sleeve tops were designed with a fitted, tailored silhouette in the body and in the arms. In comparison, most of our sweaters have a more relaxed and cozy fit to them. If you’d like your basics to have more of a relaxed fit to them, we recommend ordering a size up.

9) Fan Favorites

Last but not least, we wanted to share our best sellers with you this holiday season! Don’t take our word for it – these are the 5 pieces that are snagged the most by your fellow tall sisters (and have the best customer feedback), in order:

Blakely Skinny Jean in Smokey Black Wash

Black Moto Leggings

Blakely Skinny Jean in Medium Wash

Hollis Jean Jacket

Knit Moto Jacket

Sweaters and jeans for tall girls Amalli Talli
Striped Sweater + Blakely Skinny Jean (Dark Distressed Wash)

We hope this advice serves you well as you shop online this holiday season! Don’t forget to forward it on – this would also be a great article to share with anyone that might be trying to shop for you, too! And if we didn’t answer your question above, please know that we are always available to help you – all you have to do is send us a quick note at info@amallitalli.com, or send us a DM on Instagram.

Thank you for supporting our small business in 2019! Xo – Amy & Alli

PS – Gift cards are available here.

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