Jean Shopping With 6’4″ Tanasha of Pretty Tall Style

Tanasha of Pretty Tall Style tries on Amalli Talli Skinny Jeans

Meet Tanasha, the stunning 6’4″ beauty behind the Instagram account @prettytallstyle. Using her platform, which includes her blog site, Tanasha shares her attainable tall style and fun outfit ideas at an affordable price point. Personally, we love how often she mixes bold colors and pretty prints into her wardrobe – something you don’t often see from tall bloggers! Her vibe is so cute, colorful, comfortable AND doesn’t break the bank… what’s not to love?!

Growing up, Tanasha’s feelings about her height could be best described as a roller coaster ride, with the toughest years coming in high school (sound familiar?). But as she transitioned into college, she was able to move past those feelings and find confidence in herself, embracing every inch of her height. We love the message she shares about her body today:

“I don’t feel bad about my height. I really love it! I love getting dressed and playing in clothes and shoes! I’m 6’4″ and I will wear heels to a concert or out with my friend and date night with the hubby. I already know that people are going to stare, so I make sure that it’s worth their while. I want to look and feel the best I can.”

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THIS IS THE REMIX 🙌🏾 This is a long post but please read all the way through. 😊 I’m not going to lie, my name is Tanasha and I’m a shopaholic! Clothes, shoes, bags, earrings, I love it all!!! On the upside, there are no one hit wonders over here! I love pieces that can be re-styled to fit my ever changing fashion mood and whatever I may have going on in my life. For example take this LBD from @amallitalli. 4 completely different looks for my multiple personalities. Look 1 is for date night or a girls night out, look 2 ready for work or a meeting, look 3 mom on the go or casual weekend and look 4 Sunday best or trying to get upgraded to 1st class. Not sure what I was thinking, but I was feeling I still have more ideas for this dress, I can go edgy with my studded ankle boots and white moto jacket or preppy with a cardigan and my Tory Burch flats. I challenge you to ask yourself this question with the next piece you buy or make, “can I get at least 4 different looks from it?” It’s the worse feeling to look in your closet and feel like you don’t have anything to wear. So what I’m going to start doing on hopefully a regular basis in addition to my ootd’s is include a multiple ways to wear post of items everyone should already have in their closet for example an LBD, a white tee, a striped tee, khakis, etc. If this is something you’d like to see more of let me know by liking this post and/or commenting below. Also let me know what item you’d like to see re-mixed. For example you can comment white dress or black skinny jeans. 😊❤️ Tap for details and you’ll see I shop 🙈#prettytallstyle

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Can we get an AMEN to that?! We love how Tanasha chooses to stand tall everyday and share those vibes with the rest of the community at Pretty Tall Style.

But even armed with confidence, Tanasha has acknowledged how difficult shopping can be as a tall woman, and how at times the experience of it all has taken a hit at her self-esteem.

“When items don’t fit you like they do your friends and you’re very limited in what you can wear because of your size, it can wreak havoc on your body confidence. It makes you feel as though there is something wrong with you. It is very frustrating and discouraging… But once I was able to find clothes I liked that actually fit, it helped my confidence to soar. It helped me realized that the problem wasn’t with my body per se but with the retail industry itself in not realizing that tall women exist.”

Jean shopping has been no exception to the challenges that shopping in general presented to her throughout her lifetime. Tanasha has noted that the most frustrating part of shopping for a new pair of pants, is, to no tall girl’s surprise, the length.

“I’m 6’4″ tall with a 36″ inseam and a lot of the times retailers will say that the jeans and pants they carry are ‘tall’ – but their tall is only 33″ or 34″. It’s so annoying.”

There are, of course, other woes to jean shopping besides just the length. As a mom of two boys, Tanasha notes that she’s the most conscious of her ‘mummy tummy’, and that sometimes jeans just don’t flatter or feel right in the midsection – an issue we’re sure a lot of mama’s out there can relate to!

After chatting with Tanasha about her jean shopping experiences, we knew we had to have her try our new high rise Blakely Skinny Jeans – jeans designed and tested by tall women for tall women! She graciously accepted to give them a shot and share her feedback with us, which we couldn’t be more excited about.

Here’s what we asked her, and what she shared with us:

Could you tell a difference in fit when you tried on our jeans?

I could definitely tell a difference in the fit of the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jean I tried on, in all three washes. I have a high waist and I’m 6’4″. I love high rise jeans, but I’ve noticed that with some other retailer’s jeans that state they are ‘tall size’ and ‘high rise’, they end up fitting me as a mid-rise. The Blakely Skinny Jeans actually hit me at my waist and fit my waist with the natural curve.

Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Dark Distressed Wash
Tanasha is wearing the Blakely Skinny Jean in Dark Distressed wash.
Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Dark Distressed Wash

Could you describe in a few words how our jeans made you feel?

These jeans made me feel good! They fit great and were all super comfortable. When my weight is up, I normally don’t like wearing jeans because I feel constricted. With the holidays, my weight is up but since I’ve had these jeans they have been my go to grab for everything – even running around doing Christmas shopping. They are that comfortable! The length is amazing. They are super long, fit like a glove and are not constricting around my tummy. They make my bum look good. They are a curvy girl’s friend!

Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Smokey Black Wash
Tanasha is wearing the Blakely Skinny Jean in Smokey Black wash.
Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Smokey Black Wash

Would you recommend our jeans to a girlfriend?

I would definitely recommend these jeans to all my tall and long-legged friends of all sizes!

Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash
Tanasha is wearing the Blakely Skinny Jean in Medium wash.
Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style wearing the Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jeans in Medium

Thank you so much, Tanasha for doing a try-on haul with us!

Tanasha is wearing a size 34 and 35″ inseam in our Blakely Skinny Jeans. Her normal size in high rise jeans is a 14, and she is a 36″ inseam. Photos courtesy of @prettytallstyle.

Be sure to follow along with Tanasha at @prettytallstyle on IG and visit her blog at

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