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The design process can take what seems like a lifetime to execute from beginning to end. There are four key elements to this process: 1) Design/Imaging, 2) Fabric Selection, 3) Pattern Making/Sampling Process (to ensure the very best fit for our customers) and 4) Final Production Stage. We take #2 and #3 very, very seriously and sometimes this has a tendency to slow down the process. But as two tall girls ourselves, we understand that nothing is more important to a tall girl than the fit of her clothes. We always design our line with the goal of making our clothes feel like they are tailored to YOUR body and its unique proportions. We’re so excited to show you a very small snapshot of what’s to come for spring/summer ’18 – you won’t see rompers or jumpsuits in this post today, but don’t panic – these are also in the works!



We couldn’t love this cut more if we tried! Not only will it be available in this gorgeous floral print, but we decided to go ahead and make it in gingham as well – because who doesn’t love a good gingham print for the warm seasons?! Sometimes we feel with tops like this that getting them over the shoulders can be an issue – our top has an invisible zipper on the side to make it easier to put on.



This is going to be such a fun dress! The sample was made from a different color palette, made up of yellows and blues. I zoomed in so you can see the texture of the fabric, and then attached a picture of the swatch of the actual color palette that will be used, which is more of a bright, multi-color palette! Three things we love about this one: 1) the cut is super flattering, 2) its fully lined, and 3) the appropriate length for a tall girl midi dress.




We’ll be honest, this one is so good that we’ve been wearing it on vacations and around the house while we wait for warmer days to come outside. Is there anything more essential to a spring/summer wardrobe than a good t-shirt dress?! We don’t think so. The unfortunate part is that most stores carry t-shirt dresses that look like… well, t-shirts (or tunics at best). This is designed in a longer tall lady length and also fully lined so you don’t have to worry about any bra/underwear mishaps!



We wanted to create a super casual, comfortable and easy racer-back maxi dress that you can either dress up or dress down and wear ALL.SUMMER.LONG! We are designing this again in two lengths: the Alli length (for those of you 5’10” – 6’1”) and the Amy length (for those of you taller than 6’1”). The sample came in black, but we were thinking about doing a blue instead. We would love to hear your feedback!! What color(s) can you see yourself wearing in this?! We tend to be prone to picking neutral colors and so we thought maybe we should offer it in a brighter more seasonal color! Let us know what you think 🙂

We are so excited to release these (and more)! Which one is your favorite?! We want to know! Thanks for reading 🙂 – Alli


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